Selected other products by Drewmax company

Apart from basic appliances produced by Drewmax, the company also has on offer a whole range of additional machines, which are often applied in the systems ordered by our Customers.



Slides – the slides made by Drewmax are adjusted to the width of the assembly opening.
The slides are equipped with a pneumatic drive and the applied solutions guarantee tight and faultless operation.




Conveyors – the following are conveyors produced by Drewmax:


Conveyor example

  • Roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Worm conveyors
  • Modular conveyors




Distributors – two way distributors with various diameters.


Distributor example

The produced distributors are equipped with a pneumaticand an electric drive.




Chain conveyors / ‘U’ type redlers

The offered conveyors are made of stainless steel and carbon steel. The side scrapers designed

Chain conveyors redlers

‘U’ type redlers

for the purpose from the properly selected material make the ‘U’ type redlers the cleanest transporting devices.




Big-Bag discharging systems – SR/BB

Big-Bag discharge

Big-Bag discharging systems

The offered station can be made in a version preventing the product from being suspended in the packaging – especially adapted lugs lift bag edges and move in cycles so that the product flows. Moreover, the appliance can be equipped with ‘active bottom’ with a scraper (mixer unit), which additionally stirs the product in the tank under the station.





Dosing slides – The dosing slides that we produce are selected individually for each project.

dosing slides

Dosing slides

Dosing slides are an alternative solution to screw feeders.
A properly selected dosing slide significantly accelerates the

proportioning process.


Bag closing lines – Lpack, is the type of line for closing containers produced by our company.

Lpack bag closing lines


The line can be equipped with various closing systems:

  • Impulse heating unit
  • Bag stitcher
  • Bag guiding system
  • Belt conveyor adjustment system
  • System for cleaning bag top
  • etc.